Elegant haircuts for square-faced guys

Side part Just like the undercut, the side part is one of the most common hairstyles for bearded men. This is perfect if you are looking for a break in a variety of situations that works. Either formal or informal, you’ll be well served by a side part and beard combination. This style blends a side part’s dapper slickness with a beard’s roughness. Any beard length will fit here; the part will be accentuated and complemented by even stubble or a shadow of five o’clock. And the side part gives you an edge that most other hairstyles don’t. You can do without ruining the look if you want to go completely clean-shaven with a side part. Styles like the blunt hand, with a smooth face, don’t look their best.

Bald While this is not a hairstyle technically, the bald-plus-beard look is one of the manly looks you can get. The beard offsets the baldness and contributes to bringing fullness to the face. Especially if you go bald anyway, this is perfect. You can choose to accept it and look fashionable in doing so instead of trying to battle your baldness with comb overs. The advantage here is you don’t need any styling. So try this classic rugged look if your hairline doesn’t treat you well. Bald With Goatee

Side Swept Undercut with Beard If you have a longer beard, to build a bold, dramatic appearance, you could match it with a longer hairstyle. This particular style features a long side overhang that stretches all the way down to the region of the moustache. Credits: Braid Barbers Pushed Back Slight Wave Texture

For a sleek, professional appearance, fit a well-groomed beard with a sliced-back haircut. It’s an elegant, timeless and low maintenance mix.

Combed Side Part One of the most flexible men’s hairstyles is the side part, so it’s no wonder that beards work extremely well. It doesn’t take much work either–a simple combed element can work wonders, as shown here.

Blonde Rough Texture Why not wear a more textured hairstyle if your beard has a coarser texture? This long haircut brightens the hair’s rugged texture, allowing plenty of movement.

French Skin Fade Crop A neatly trimmed beard and a smoothly trimmed haircut is a perfect match. For this look, the French crop is a particularly great choice.

Hippi Combed Retro designs are still as common as ever. This sliced back cut pays tribute to the fifties ‘ greaser look, with the beard rounding out the theme.

Simple Swayed Top with Wavy Beard Most long-bearded guys opt for shorter hair to show off their extensive facial hair, and this short, wavy look does just that.

Undercut Tapered Sides Hidden Knot The top knot is an infamously popular look that blends well with a beard. To keep it clean, this simple but trendy style takes the knot to the back of the head.

Loose Curly Hair Curly hair is good for losing casual styles as shown here. Of optimum curliness, the hair is kept longer, and the beard is cut short to balance everything out.

Long Beard Brushed Back Style A high quiff is a great match for a long beard. This particular style of brushed back uses the combing of fingers to produce hair waviness.

Skin Fade Buzz Cut If you’re looking for a low maintenance style, look no further than the classic buzz cut. This tends to work better with a shorter beard or goatee, but it can also be used to highlight a long beard dramatically.

Easy Ivy League with Faded Sides Another clever look, this Ivy League look is clean and tidy. If you have a shorter, slightly messy beard, this is a great choice because the hairstyle would make your beard look neater.

Side part disconnection A new take on a classic style is the disconnected side part. The effect is a smooth, sophisticated look that suits any beard.

Undercut Brushed Up Fohawk Almost punky look after a nice feel? This hybrid haircut uses a casual false hawk and a smooth undercut to build a look that is somewhat defiant and somewhat reserved.

Low Fade Brush Up and Handle Stache This hairstyle is ideal for thick-haired guys looking for something super classy. The hair is swept into waves with a low fade that leads the eye towards the beard, featuring a gentlemanly curled-up moustache.

Golden Slicked Return with Tapered Sides If you have thinner hair but want a thick look, try this longer style. The hair is straight back in place and the beard is expanded to add more length and width.

French Crop Twist This style complements a naturally frizzy beard with a French crop that is similarly allied. On top of this finely textured trim, a thin asymmetrical fringe is a cherry.

French Skin Fade Crop Would you like something more useful and less maintenance? Use a skin fade and short beard to seek this simplified French crop. Besides the occasional brushing, it needs no styling.

Line Up Taper Faded Pompadour Find this blown pompadour for the windswept beach feel. Finger combing is used to create wavy hair waves, and stabilization is supported by the super short beard. E12.544.jpg />
Side Brushed Thin Hair For people with thinner hair, here’s a great look. The hair is grown out and brushed away, making the hair look thicker than it is, and this impression is further intensified by beard.

Textured Line Up Taper Fade Looking for something fun and stylish? Check this flowing textured top with a clean line-up that adds symmetry and definition.

French Crop’

Neat Pompadour with Beard Slit’

Subtle Beard Fade Temple with Line Up’

Tattooed Side with Side Sweep ‘

Longer Quiff’

Smooth Combed French Crop’


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