Have you ever heard of a fading mullet? Perhaps not. But this is how it feels. This haircut is in the front, in the back, pure sleek pompadour. It may not be the most classic choice, but it’s fun for sure.

Comb over undercut is a unique hairstyle. You’re not going to find anything better if you’re looking for a polished, tidy haircut. Paradoxically, but, of course, if you want it to look that way, it can also be a bit messy and spiky. It’s not, of course, a barber’s easiest technique, especially when it comes to the textured comb over with an undercut, but the result is worth your effort and wait. A barber first removes the sides and back, then trims the top with the sides and back, and then finishes the haircut with the sharp neckline. Don’t doubt it’s going to look great from every perspective! It should also be emphasized that it is ideal for any surface and easy to maintain is one of its greatest advantages. However, for a guy who doesn’t like the super short haircuts and doesn’t want to style long locks every single morning for hours, it’s a perfect choice. All in all, it’s a great option, so why don’t you consider it?

Uber Flat Top Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut

As much as he loves his spikes, Ronaldo also loves his flat top. He’s here at an event where he’s wearing fake glasses and a flat top. To imitate this look, make sure you use as much hair gel as you need, particularly if you have curly hair, like Crs.

Heavy Fringe

This hairstyle is much easier for thick and curly locks to pull off. Due to the layers where the mane is trimmed, the strong fringe is accomplished. If your hair allows it, the sides can be cut short to keep the entire focus on the bold fringe. You need to use some kind of hair product for styling purposes, such as wax or pomade, and stack your quiff to make the layers prominent.

Variety of Textured Hair Styles Zac Efron Haircut


Latest Brush Over Hairstyles With High Fade

This is accompanied by the most fashionable high-faded brush over hair ideas for rocking modern women.

the most recent trends

Alex Pettyfer hairstyle

How to Get Wavy Beach Hairstyle with Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. So how are you going to get it? The approach is simple and straightforward. To preserve your hair moisture, shine and weight. Every morning you just have to apply it to keep the look and get the best results. Squirts, squirts. Then style and scrunch your hair to achieve the desired look and let it air dry. If you don’t have enough time to wait for air drying, you can also use a diffuser. If you want big curls on your hair, use a round brush when blow-drying it.
Harry Styles hairstyle. is one of the celebrities who use this product. There are also a number of people who have made positive comments about the brand. The only downside of using the product is that you need to be careful in applying it every morning and waiting for it to dry. Do not make the front of the hair straight, but rather style it slightly off to one side. Push the hair tips backwards and use both hands to create volume and texture. Full the hairspray theme and have fun with this stylish look.

Silver Fox Buzz Cut

Subtle Black Men Goatee Styles

as well.

Short Ash Blonde Justin Bieber Haircut

We love how the extreme blonde ash brings out the wild side of Justin. The contrast between his very blonde hair and his dark eyebrows is fabulous and we applaud the courage to choose such a daring color. No stranger to the chin strap mustache is the favorite hobbit portrayer of everybody. Since years now, Elijah Wood has integrated it in some way or another into his speech. Even though he usually wears it with more surrounding stubble nowadays, the above simple version is suitable for younger people.

Goatee Style

You and yourself depend on the beard style you choose. In fact, stylists say that when choosing a type of beard, you should take your facial features and needs into account. If you have a strong jaw, for example, go for a goatee. MenHairsylist.com’s trending news! ‘
‘ ‘

‘ Stubble On The Side, Stubble On The Beard ‘ ‘

‘ ‘
‘ This short crew cut can look really manly with just as short stubble. It could be the length of the hair all around the uniformity.

The Michael B. Jordan

Michael Jordan’s brother is now a star in his own right, a young and beautiful guy with a matching hairstyle. We also love the fact that he pairs it to his look for some extra jazz with a simple goatee and two diamond-studded earrings.

Tame the ends of your curls

Sometimes the ends look a bit frizzy. This particularly happens when the hair is dry. You may add a few drops of hair oil to fix this. If you have flyaways or static at the ends of your curls, use a tamer spray with a great hold to last the entire day.

Textured men’s hair for

Eye-catching men’s hair styles

Going out in style

It’s always a good idea to adapt your hair style to your outfit, and that’s exactly what Cristiano did right here. With his camel coat, blue tortoise collar and black scarf, he looks incredibly sophisticated and so does his hair.

Sophisticated women’s hairstyles

Wavy Zero Fade Haircut

This beautiful fade version comes with a high and wavy top that can be a great solution if you have thick hair. Use a soft brush and some hair wax to pull your hair back and peel it over your hair’s crown.

Faded Sides and Dreadlocks

The faded sides emphasize this urban look. The dreadlocks are a very inspired addition that gives you a tough and edgy feel. For added effect, try a pencil mustache and a beard as well.

High Bald Fade with Comb Over Pompadour

High Bald Fade with Comb Over Pompadour

Tall Bald Fade with Comb Over Pompadour

In the past year, the French crop has been playing a leading role in men’s hairstyle trends. It’s one of the coolest looks on our list, particularly for naturally thick, straight hair dudes.

High Bald Fade with Comb Over Pompadour

The French crop has made its way to the forefront of men’s hairstyle trends over the past year. It’s easily one of the coolest looks on our list, especially for naturally thick and straight hair dudes.

Replace your short undercut hairstyle with a textured look and a fringe that runs down from your scalp. If you want a casual appearance, try this look!

Buzz Cut Styles

Martin John The Ivy League is also a great transitional hairstyle when you go from a short and shaved look to a longer look.

Killer Whale Faux Hawk

The killer whale faux hawk, named for its similarity to the body shape of a whale, is suitable for medium-length hair and takes advantage of its size. Gel it with a major dimension in the front and slowly taper down to a shorter length at the middle.


Model On Sides Record this skin fade ad to make it stand out. In order to highlight something super cool and absolutely gorgeous, the traditional surgical model gets an imaginative twist.

Caesar Cut Blonde Hairstyles for Men


High Contrast Beard and Goatee Styles

After seeing what light goatee with dark hairstyle looks like, it’s time to switch places. Although the former option appears to be much more realistic, the one shown here is audacious and exciting.

Messy Wavy Hairstyle

For young men, the messy waves look so cool and sexy that this look is never out of style. The style is also really easy to create. With the sides shorter than the hair in the centre, you must have a moderate hair length. If you can get some scanning highlights done on your hair, it’s best to make the fashion quotient higher. The final step is to carefully mess the hair with your hands. For this one, you don’t need to brush your hair.


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