Platinum Korean Men Haircut

platinum blonde that we all know is the color of the season but what really catches your attention is the shoes and jewelry. The nerdy glasses are now pimped with gold.

Long Black Braided Hair

The Afro dreadlocks are the other way to wear long black hair for men. This modern version has more than the traditional straight hairprofile.

Oval Beard With Comb Over

The beard will play with form and fullness more after short beards than long ones. For example, an oval-shaped neck beard looks unique and attractive, especially matched to a sleek pebble over.

Trim Fade with Cut Scissors

The fade haircut made with both scissors and a trimmer always looks particularly effective. A trimmer is applied to the lower part of the hair while the high section is cut with scissors. The top part is left so long it has plenty of space to model some spikes and other interesting choices.

Classy Men’s Hairstyle

Classy Men’s Hairstyle has been gaining massive demand and acceptance among men because it looks super stylish and funky on them. It’s a new hairstyle that doesn’t make the pouf too high. Shave off both sides and then add a little volume to the side to build the Hairstyle of Classy People. You can also wear an amazing sunlass.

Curved Cheek Line with Bald Fade

Diamond faces can really look like that beard’s part, mostly because the beard imitates the diamond shape. The curved line of cheek further enhances the appearance.

Burst Fade Mohawk

Not all mohawks have narrow landing strips like Mister T. This large mohawk with long hair on top is sleek and classy with a major burst fade on both sides. Even appealing for everyone is the size on top and near cropped hands.

Disconnected Undercut and Beard

which can fit easily with this one!


It’s not enough to visit a good hairstylist regularly to keep your hair healthy and look good. You must be able to wash your hair, blow-dry it, brush it and style it. It’s a good beginning.

Best haircuts for Asian boys

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Layered Bowl Cut

Single braid

Fade Bible: Street-Ready Fade Haircut Styles

+ Latest Short Curly Hairstyles For Men To Keep Your Crazy Curls On Trend

From an esthetic point of view it is very stately, literally demanding reverence when it is observed. We recommend it as an easy-to-maintain style while being highly effective.

Styling Cream

Most men’s long-hair hair creams offer a medium to light hold, low to no shine, and plenty of flexibility in styling. Nevertheless, there are a number of additional benefits to the right styling creams. A good cream will help you start by having size, motion, and flow. It will also avoid frizz, smooth your hair, add some natural shine, and generally give a healthy look and feel to your hair. Men with very long hair should use a cream of high quality over any other product of styling.

Henry Fonda Heartthrob Diagonal Part

Side Swept Brush Over

If you already have a moderate stubble and want to keep it, this sleek haircut brush will suit your beard perfectly. You can also add a pair of shades of aviator to look cooler!

Spiky Haircut

Short haircuts for people with thin hair are good in comparison to round heads and general weak facial features. Round heads with an oval shape. To make the hairstyle spiky, you’ll need a generous amount of hair gel. Then pull slightly to one side at the top of the parts.

Dramatic Angular (Medium or Long)

Cut your thick hair at the bottom angle not only to add an avant-garde touch to your do, but also to add body. Give a new lease on life to your thick hair or curls with a vivid style that’s bold and dramatic and makes a statement for sure.


Undercut With Side Parting

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Thick + Messy Textured Top

The Alex Ebert Top Knot Men Idea

Here’s Alex Ebert at the Golden Globes, a brand new take on the top knot for us. It’s messy, artistic, original, and we’ve got to say, we love it. In all the right places, the threads are falling off it and it just looks like a hot mess.

Slicked Back Undercut

Contrary to what most people may think Mohawks don’t always have to be about spikes and pulling your hair up, sometimes you can even style your Mohawk undercut and it works. To do this, make sure your hair gets wet and then style it back with some hair gel, pulling the top and long part of your hair backwards, you can apply some heat with a hair dryer to make sure it stays that way throughout the day.

Pomp Mohawk

How to get uneven anime hairstyles

for this haircut anime boy. In particular, the hairstyle of anime guys reflects the imagination of the culture of today. It also takes more control from our environment and people are not afraid to do something else. We get a confident, audacious, and fantastic look full of excitement and admiration when properly styled. Be bold today and give it a go!

Ducktail Beard Styles

While the name is slightly unattractive, the beard still looks cool, especially for diamond-shaped heads. The form also allows for minor size variations.

Short Spiky Dreads

Go for spiky dreads when in question, particularly if you have shorter hair. These are particularly suitable for younger men and teens who get a real kick out of the spiky hairstyle.

Bowl Cut

Curly Bangs

This haircut is all about being stylish in the back with a very short and traditional cut and having a couple of perfect curls falling carelessly over your forehead and just above your eyebrow line. The simple rule is that if there is no service, the long portion overlaps the short half.

High Mohawk Fade

High Mohawk Fade

This latest Mohawk hairstyle works to provide a fashionable look. The final look would be such that it will make you look unique among the crowd. It takes on a simple fade taper and is cut in as per the model in these two lines. The look is followed by bleached highlights or even hair colored above the eye. The high skin fade also works on curly hair. It works to combine trendy and edgy look. The curly Mohawk can be absolutely turned into something chic.

Short Textured Haircut

Most of the guys who like to play it safe with their hair but still want the Short Textured Haircut to look funky. If you have the texture of your hair straight and somewhat sweet, it will look best on you. The sides and back are evenly trimmed, with most hair appearing at the top of the head. Side parting looks good, creating an illusion that you have longer strands of hair.

Short Fade Haircut

Fading haircut is starting to popularize and has made a good market for itself in the last few years. These are a new type of hairstyle, and sometimes people who love playing with their hair will definitely try it out. These can also be tried by people looking to cover their bald parts. They look really elegant and famous.

Medium structured haircuts for Asian guys

Grey messy hair falling on the face and sloppy top of the head is great not only for young guys but also for aged men.


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