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The Beginner's Guide to The One Length Layer Cut

The One Length Layer Cut

This haircut is a great cut to start with when you are just learning how to cut in layers. This is where all the hair is the same length.  This does not mean a blunt cut where all the hair ends at the same place. A one length cut is where the hair falls evenly all around the head because every hair is the same length. So, with this haircut, a hair at the crown is the same length as a hair at the back of the head.  If you choose to have your hair 3" long, it will be 3" long all over your head.  If you choose to have your hair 1" long, it will be 1" long at the top, front, back, and sides.  This haircut works well with men, women, and children.  Each length you choose will create a different look.

This mini-ebook has the following bonus chapters in it with information about

The One Length Layer Cut
  •  the necessary tools for cutting hair
  • information on the form, texture, and density of hair
  • face shapes
  • haircut tips for before and during the haircut
  • how to hold the haircutting scissors
  • how to use and create guidelines
  • understanding and using angles
  • parting or sectioning the hair
  • outlining the haircut

The haircut in this mini-ebook is done with scissors and comb.  It has every step clearly laid out with a picture to go with each cut you need to make.

(When you purchase THE BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO THE ONE LENGTH LAYER CUT, an email will be sent to you within 24 hours so you can download it.)


Price: $9.95